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Learn more about the SomerVision2030 goals and our progress since 2010

Join us as we update SomerVision and extend the plan to 2040!

In 2009, our community started a three-year process of discussions and big ideas that culminated in SomerVision 2030, the City’s comprehensive plan for 2010-2030. The document captured our best thinking and most important goals and has been a crucial guide for City and community work since then. As we approach 10 years into the plan’s scope, it’s the right time to revisit SomerVision. We are analyzing our progress since 2010, extending the plan’s vision to 2040, and undertaking a community-focused effort to update the plan based on what has changed in the community. 

We want to create a SomerVision 2040 plan that is online, easy to understand, translated, and actionable, with priorities that will help the City meet community goals and values. To get there, we will need a process that encourages conversation across perspectives, provides an opportunity to meet new people, and is respectful of participants’ time. Our goal is to provide opportunities for every community member to influence SomerVision 2040, whether you want to engage in deep debates about specific policies or quickly weigh in on different options.

Help us make a plan that captures your priorities and values. Visit the Participate page to learn how to get involved and sign up for our Mailing List. If you have any questions, you can contact us at


Share your SomerStory: How has living in Somerville impacted your life? What has been your experience engaging with city programs, services or public resources? Are there issues impacting the city that you are passionate about? Do you have any ideas of how we can address them?

The more perspectives we receive the more inclusive we can make the plan. Submit your responses in writing (in any language, we will translate it), to You can also schedule to come by city hall to do a video interview. Submissions will be shared with the SomerVision committee, on this website and may be quoted in the final document.

SomerVision2040 Update Process Timeline

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