City of Somerville

Join us for the SomerVision2040 Kickoff!

Tuesday, January 15th at 6 pm, 191 Highland Ave, The Armory 

Also check out our newly released document, The Path Since 2010, which captures the programs and initiatives that have been implemented since SomerVision was adopted and introduces the new plans and research that have emerged since.

What is SomerVision?

In 2009, our community started a three-year process of discussion, debate, and big ideas that culminated in SomerVision 2030, the City’s comprehensive plan for 2010-2030. The document captured our best thinking and our most important goals and has been a crucial guide for City and community work since then.

Now, as we approach 10 years into the plan’s scope, it’s the right time to revisit SomerVision and extend its vision to 2040. We are undertaking a public, communal effort to revise the plan, focusing particularly on the SomerVision numbers, goals, and policies. Our goal is to encourage diverse and broad involvement while providing opportunities to participate that will appeal to both busy residents who want to quickly weigh in on key issues and to those who want to engage more deeply through debates about specific policies and strategies.

We hope that you will join us in shaping the future of our wonderful community and encourage you to sign up for our email list below.

The yellow flower in the SomerVision2040 logo was inspired by the SomerVision2030 cover art by Kelvy Bird

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