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Learn more about the SomerVision2030 goals and our progress since 2010

Join us as we update SomerVision and extend the plan to 2040!

Ten years ago, our community brought together our best and most ambitious ideas to write SomerVision2030, the City’s comprehensive plan for 2010-2030, and it has helped guide our work since. Now is the time to improve upon that plan, measure our progress, add new ideas, consider what has changed, and extend the scope of our vision to the year 2040. The SomerVision2040 plan is entirely community driven. Engaged community members willing to dedicate a lot of time have been invited to the SomerVision2040 Committee and will help us write the document. Others came to our Community Kick Off Event or provided feedback through dozens of SomerSuppers. Now, we are engaging with underrepresented populations through multiple SomerVision Forums.

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SomerVision2040 Update Process Timeline

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