City of Somerville

Share your Somerville Story: How has living here affected your life? Have you engaged with any city programs? Have any issues in Somerville you are passionate about? We want to hear about it! Your story will be shared with the community and steering committee and could impact program priorities.

You can submit as 1-2 pages of writing, send us a video of you telling your story (no longer than 2 min) or you can schedule a 2-minute video interview at city hall by emailing

See some of our first interviews and written stories below, more to come!

“I like living in Somerville because you can walk in any direction and hit civilization – somewhere to eat, some public place to sit, public transit. I remember one of my first outings with my son Sam, facing inward in a borrowed baby carrier. We walked from our house on Mountain Ave. (small dead-end) off Porter Ave. down what was then 7-11, now Cumberland Farms. I got one of those Drakes coffee cakes, two to a packet, and was voraciously eating till I noticed I was dropping crumbs on Sam’s head. He didn’t seem bothered. I was so happy to be out and about, feeling safe, with my baby.  Being connected to my surroundings was especially important because we didn’t have any grandparents to step up and babysit. And there was no Facetime or WhatsApp, instant digital connection. I think a lot of what we need is just more of the same – public transit that runs north-south, bikepath extension and improvements, more open space where possible, better policing of car-bike-pedestrian rules of the road, and affordable housing for young families. Also more support groups for people of all ages – anyone can become isolated, which is ironic is such a densely populated place.”

Sarah Fishman, Somerville Resident

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