City of Somerville

SomerVision Conference April 5-6, 2019

Join SomerVision Committee members and City staff to dive in to some of the key challenges and opportunities of SomerVision 2040 during the two-day SomerVision Conference. Space is limited, so register here now.


It’s a community conversation that YOU lead to discuss the important issues that affect our city. When you’re done, the group will submit a report back to the SomerVision staff. We’ll take this input and use it to help inform the creation of our SomerVision plan. We made a video with more details if you want to hear more.

To participate download our SomerSupper guide with the complete directions and when you’re done with your SomerSupper don’t forget to share your report back with us.


Share your Somerville Story: How has living here impacted your life? Have you engaged with any city programs? Have some aspect of Somerville you feel passionate about? We want to hear about it!

Submit as 1-2 pages of writing, send us a 2 min video with your statement or schedule a 2-minute video interview at city hall by emailing

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We are looking forward to working with you on SomerVision2040!

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